Personal Training - Oasis Fitness

Our philosophy is to empower our members with the knowledge to take charge of their own health and fitness. We begin by determining what your current level of fitness is, what your goal are, your health history and your schedule. Because after all, you have a life outside of the gym!

We develop total fitness programs that include:

  • Cardiovascular Training – To improve heart health, burn calories and reduce the stress
  • Strength Training – To increase the muscle, boost metabolism, optimize fat burning and improve bone density.
  • Core Training – To stabilize the trunk and reduce the risk of injury, improve posture, increase blood flow and reduce stress.
  • Nutrition Recommendation – To enhance health, vitality, quality of life and longevity.

Overall, we follow the most effective cutting edge techniques with regard to target heart rate, time under tension, intensity variation, rest intervals, etc. To help you maximize your time in the gym so you can get on with life – and still achieve your goals.

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